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Join the Gleen AI Referral Program

The Gleen AI Referral Program is designed to help Ecommerce agencies empower their clients with cutting-edge AI for product assistance and customer service.

Our Ideal Partners

Our ideal partners are forward-thinking ecommerce agencies that serve clients with annual revenue over $50M. If your projects typically start at $25,000, and your clients are ready to invest in AI service fees of at least $3,000, you're the partner we're looking for. Our target geos include Europe, Canada, the US, Australia & New Zealand.

How the Program Benefits You

  • Passive Revenue: Earn commissions from Gleen AI's usage fees, with attractive rates and a clear commission structure.
  • Client Value-Add: Enhance your service offerings with a generative AI that elevates ecommerce acquisition, conversion & support.
  • Exclusive Tools: Gain access to a playground bot for practical experience and potential use on your own website.
  • Partner Marketing Hub: A rich collection of presentations, videos, solution sheets, and success stories.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from training sessions, a dedicated communication channel, and co-marketing opportunities.

How the Program Benefits Your Clients

  • Conversation Credits: Each referred client receives 250 Gleen AI conversation credits that never expire, encouraging trial and adoption.
  • Customized AI Solutions: Your clients will have access to the most accurate and flexible generative AI platform and they can deploy an unlimited number of AIs.

Join Us

By partnering with Gleen AI, you're not just offering your clients a product. You're delivering a transformational service that positions you at the forefront of Ecommerce innovation.

Let's embark on this journey together. Join our Referral Program today and redefine what's possible in Ecommerce.


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